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Resurse William Lane Craig

În luna octombrie 2011 William Lane Craig s-a aflat în Marea Britanie pentru un “turneu de apologetica”. Mai jos se află o listă cu înregistrări de la acest eveniment.

Films completed so far and available for viewing on YouTube see www.bethinking.org :

1. Lecture on “Is God a Delusion?” – a critique of the central arguments of Dawkins book at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford. The event was chaired by atheist philosopher, Prof Peter Millican and responses were made by a panel before questions were taken from the audience.


2. Debate on “Does God Exist?” with Oxford philosopher, Prof. Peter Millican to a capacity audience in the Great Hall of Birmingham University.


3. Lecture in Cambridge on “The Origins of the Universe – has Hawking Eliminated God?” with response by Dr Rodney Holder and questions from the audience.


4. Debate at the Cambridge Union on “This House Believes that God is not a Delusion.”

Craig and Peter S. Williams were opposed by Andrew Copson, CEO of the British Humanist Association and Dr Arif Ahmed, Lecturer in Philosophy, Cambridge Uni.


5. Lecture on “The Evidence for God” to students at Imperial College,London.


6. Lecture on “The Evidence for the Resurrection” at SouthamptonGuildhall